Thrifty Thursday: Free Social Media How-To’s

If you have been reading this blog you know we are big fans of HubSpot: We attend as many of their webinairs (and let you know too), Dan Feldman and VisionWeb are also fans. Here is a listing of what is available for free from their website. (Ok I clean out our To Do list) but this is good stuff.

The Science of Social Media Free Guide To Search Engine Optimization

  • 46% of daily searches are for info on products or services. Is your website optimized enough to get found through these searches?
  • Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of internet marketing, and it’s changing fast. Our new guide covers the basics of SEO and teaches you how to get started with search campaigns.
  • Download the Complimentary Guide How search engines work, Ways to improve your on-page and off-page SEO, Best keywords for your search

Free SEO Guide Are you trying to increase traffic to your website? Do you realize the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but have trouble taking actionable steps to improve it? Whether you are just getting started with SEO, or have been at it for years, this ebook offers useful tips to get found online by more prospective customers. This free 21-page SEO guide covers all the elements of a successful SEO improvement strategy, including:

  • Identifying Keyword Opportunities
  • Mastering On-Page SEO
  • Link-Building Strategies
  • Tips for Ongoing SEO Improvement

The Ultimate How To Marketing Guide –  New opportunities in online marketing are literally around every corner. How do you get a comprehensive view of the important ones and prioritize accordingly? To ensure your proficiency in Internet marketing, we’ve designed this multimedia eBook which, as David Meerman Scott says, “identifies nuggets of inspiration to drive success at your business.” This 34-page guide includes 15 sections with distinct lessons and videos covering a range of topics, including: How to get found online as a local business

* How to use your email list effectively
* How to optimize your press release
* How to keep up with the competition
* How to make the most of web ads
* How to write an eBook
* How to use the web to optimize your offline events

How To Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing Rather than making email obsolete, widespread use of social media has in many ways made email an even more powerful marketing channel. Social media usage actually makes consumers even more engaged with their email inbox. Plus social media users are likely to share their email-delivered content with their personal networks. That’s additional juice for email campaigns. In the new eBook The Definitive Guide to Integrating Social Media and Email, find out how to:

  • Discover where your social media audience is
  • Use social networks to grow your email list
  • Use email to grow social followers and expand your reach
  • Develop the right content approach for each channel
  • Tie it all together for integrated campaigns
  • Monitor metrics and measure results

Top 7 Email Marketing Test Increase your email clickthrough rates, opt-ins and conversions. On average, email tests can help improve lead-generation campaigns by up to 20%. Ecommerce marketers can see a typical 10% lift. That’s 10-20% more responding leads or sales from the exact same list. And yet only 42% of marketers surveyed by and Online Marketing Connect actually conduct A/B testing on their emails. Luckily, email testing costs next to nothing and most email service providers make it very easy to run tests.

In Top 7 Inspirational Email Tests, find examples on how email tests:

  • Increased opt-ins by 122%
  • Generated 28% more leads
  • Increased CTRs by more than 25%
  • Improved the conversion rate by 6.5%

Free eBook: “How to Use Facebook for Business: An Introductory Guide” for 2011–  Learn how to start using Facebook in 2011 to achieve your business goals! Facebook is the most popular social network, and with over 750 million users, it can serve as an important marketing tool for any business. Let’s face it: your prospects are on Facebook whether you like it or not. A successfully maintained Facebook presence can help your business:

  • Get found by potential customers
  • Connect and engage with current customers
  • Create a community around your brand
  • Promote and expand the reach of your content
  • Generate leads!

Other Social Media from Social Fresh who partners with HubSpot

  1. Facebook Page Marketing Q&A [Webinar] w/ our training partner HubSpot
  2. Blogging For Your Business Q&A[Webinar] w/ our training partner HubSpot
  3. Social Media Metrics Q&A [Webinar] w/ our training partner HubSpot
  4. 64 Facebook Content Tips [Ebook]
  5. the Facebook Marketing Book, currently with 19 chapters and growing. Chapters cover everything from Facebook places to Facebook advertising. Check them out to let us know what we can add to improve the book and please share this free resource if you know people it would be useful to.

A few of VisionWeb Recommendations: (They are also a fan of HubSpot)

  1. Quick Stats on Social Media:[42%20Tweetable%20Facts%20t]
  1. Social Media Cartoons:[10%20Social%20Media%20Cart]


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