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We constantly get Free Downloads on email marketing, social media and a few more. Just thought we would share them with you.

Can you read them all? UGH! What you can do is assign a staff member to study up on one of the subjects and present at a staff meeting.

EMail Marketing

Email Marketing The guide we are sending you today provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to leverage your email marketing program to generate leads. It includes data on best practices for crafting good subject lines, timing you sends for maximum conversions and more.

Download “7 Steps to Jump-Start Your Email Marketing Strategy” to learn the fundamentals for starting an email marketing plan that will energize your lead generation efforts, build more buzz around your business, and strengthen your relationship with clients and prospects. Download the Guide Now!

In this 28-page guide you will find out how to:

  • Build and segment your contact list for better results
  • Craft offers that increase your response rates
  • Choose the right email service provider
  • Measure your email content across multiple marketing channels

A Dozen Email Mistakes Everyone Makes

MarketingSherpa’s Dirty Dozen: Email Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes can get you started in the right direction. Download the special report and start improving your email marketing today!

  • Blatant Lack of Permission
  • Utterly Deficient Segmentation
  • Lame ‘Welcome’ Message
  • No Real Interactivity

The Future of Marketing- The Personalization Revolution Personalization” is quietly changing the face of marketing. And faster than we think. The “Personalization Revolution” has been enabling a select number of marketers to create not just windfall profits, but also far deeper relationships with customers, constituents and the marketplace. Download the Transcript & Audio Now!

In The Personalization Revolution you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between customization and personalization
  • The value of personalizing new and traditional media
  • Making things personal in a meaningful way
  • Personalization driving online marketing
  • Engaging customers contextually
  • Algorithmically-driven content
  • Personalization of landing pages to increase conversions
  • Recommendation engines for content

Getting The Most From Social Media – Turning Prospects Into Evangelists

By now, you probably have a Twitter account or a Facebook page. But are you using social media to its full potential? In this eBook we seek to help you with this exact task. Three social media specialists walk you through the process of generating prospects and turning them into evangelists. Download the eBook Now! In this 27-page eBook, you will learn:

  • How to generate leads in the first place
  • How to efficiently monitor conversations and brand mentions
  • What tools to use for rewarding advocates
  • How to manage & document your conversations on social media

Using Google Tools

7 Goggle Tools to Increase Marketing Effectiveness


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