Throwback Thursday: 1930 Contact Lens Known As A Invisible Eye Glass

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What did the first contact lens look like?  Check out this article from August 1930  about a Small Invisible Eye Glass. Technically speaking the first tolerated contact lens was invented in 1887 when German glassblower, F.E. Muller, produced the first eye covering to be seen through .

Modern Mechanix
Modern Mechanix

Clumsy Specs Eliminated by Small Invisible Eye Glass

AWKWARD and all-too-conspicuous spectacles may in time go the way of ear trumpets and bustles when the diminutive and invisible eyeglasses shown in the photos above, an invention of Prof. Dr. L. Heine of Kiel, Germany, come into widespread use. The glass is a thin curved lens that is worn monocle fashion beneath the eyelid in the horny coat of the eye. It can be inserted or extracted by the patient.