Throwback Thursday: Commuter Eyewear

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Who would have thought that the same product made almost 100 years ago is still available today.  The original ‘Laying In Bed’ eyewear was remade or remarketed in 1963 to Rush Hour reading glasses.

Rush Hour Glasses 1960 – Modern Mechanix Magazine
Rush Hour Glasses 1960 – Modern Mechanix Magazine

Everything comes around again. In 1936 a visored eyewear look was called ‘Reading in Bed’ eyewear or Laying in Bed Eyewear. Pretty much they are Eyeglasses with Prisms.

Hamblin glasses Reading In Bed Eyewear Circa 1936 UK

You can still get Reading in Bed Eyewear from Hammacher


We called it visored or Hoodie eyewear. You can preview more visored eyewear on The Optical Journal Facebook Page under the photo Album, Visored Eyewear, where we have uploaded both current and vintage hoodie eyewear though the ages.

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