Throwback Thursday: Reusing Vintage Optometry Chairs

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For a ThrowBack Thursday, we forgot we ran this post in 2012. This guy was trying to sell his vintage optometry chair and made up all these places where you could put it. Was funny and cute. Thought we re-blog it again!

I ran across this funny post from a guy who apparently was ranting about not being able to sell a 1950’s vintage optometrist chair for $400.  LA curbed, photo-shopped the chair for LA Hipsters to help them envision what it would look like in their homes.  The only problem is that this doesn’t look like an optometry chair to me it looks like a dental chair.

This is what an optometrist chair looks like 2012. From AIT Industries

This on the other hand is an vintage optometry chair on Ebay, listed for $4500.00. American Optical Optometry Chair 1903.

Another vintage Optometry Chair on Craigslist in Grand Rapids. (Also by American Optical)

Here is a vintage 1935 American Optical Optometry Chair Which originally sold For $565.00. (Thank you Dick Whitney, curator, Optical Heritage Museum)


This vintage multi-purpose- dental-medical chair sold on ebay for $300

Now I didn’t realize that Vintage Medical Decor is hot.. Who would have thought. vintage medical paraphanelia & displays

So if you have old chairs, you can try to resell them on Opti-Forum, OD’s on Facebook, or you can repurpose them in your office, garden or house.

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