Throwback Thursday: Shutter Shades

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Inuit GlassesShutter Shades came from the Eskimos or Aleuts, Inuits who used a form of Snow Glasses made from ivory, leather or wood.

Who really knows what the idea was behind Shutter Shades? When they were first introduced in the 40’s they were called Venetian Blind Shades and have been keep alive by rock stars and celebs all over the world.


But wayback in 1942 we find a Sun Goggle Ad using Venetian Blind Technology. March 1942. ‘Tiny Venetian blinds are built into the top of a new type of sun goggles to shade the eyes from direct sun glare. The Venetian-like structure is an integral part of the lenses, formed by deep rectangular indentations in the lens material which are then filled with opaque liquid. While the uncolored lenses are about ninety-eight per cent transparent, the upper part intercepts overhead sun rays and casts a shadow on the eyes. In one type, the “blinds” are made of thin, flat wires.’

Various forms of Shutter Shades have been created from industrial designers.


Kanye West was about 3 Years old when this photo was taken.

‘Blind Sunglasses Around 1980

Eskimo or Inuit Fashion Eyewear became popular again in the 1960’s and the  1980’s. Known as mod fashion and designed by Courreges, Pierre Cardin and other top fashion designers.

Courreges Eskimo Eyewear Look 1980

Shutter Shades were featured in the music videos for “Glittering Prize” by Simple Minds in 1982 and “Obsession” by Animotion in 1984. Alain Mikli made a contemporary custom design for Kanye West, influenced by the fashion of the 1980s. West popularized the glasses in the music video for “Stronger.In 2007,

Shutter Shades Inc emerged, patented the current sleeker plastic design and coined and trademarked the term “Shutter Shades”. Over the remainder of the year and the next, several celebrities publicly embraced the style of the shades, quickly establishing this new design of eyewear as a pop culture staple. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup many fans were seen wearing shutter shades with the design of their respective flag pictured on the glasses. (Wikipedia)

In 2009 Alain Mikli Introduces Limited Edition Shutter Shades with 500+ Swarovski Crystals that retailed for $3650

Released at the Alain Mikli store in Hong Kong.

Mykita in collaboration with Roman Kremer introduces Shutter Shades in Spring Summer 2010

Mykita Shutter Shades
Kanye West Shutter Shades

Pierre Cardin in his Spring Summer 2011, introduced a futuristic type of Shutter Shade.

Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2011
Kevin Garnett (Quest for Gatorade commercial)

Celebrities all over the world have worn Shutter Shades, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga. In fact there is a Facebook Page called Celebrities That Wear Shutter Shades
In a true sense of the word, Venetian Blinds; Designed by Adam Parker Smith, the Kanye Shutter Shades design is made from aluminum, nylon and wood, and stands at 114 inches by 56.
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