Timeless Style

Iconic, eccentric and intellectual – panto-style glasses are a frame with a history, tracing its origins to the culturally roaring 1920s. Regarded as a symbol of individuality and creativity, today they are still a style that is influential and on-trend. Slightly flattened at the top, the round lenses are a hallmark of the panto design. Robin, the new frame model by neubau eyewear, impresses with its update of the throwback look which includes a concealed logo for high-impact style.

T079 from neubau

Its large, round lenses and sleek frame will not only provide stylishly-clear vision, they are also lightweight and comfortable as the result of the use of sustainable naturalPX. neubau eyewear’s vision of design and technology has been elegantly turned into a reality, giving the Robin model the ultimate retro appeal. The panto celebrated its fashion comeback to the mainstream in the 1960s and has been a firm favorite among eyewear trends ever since. Due to their organic shape, these glasses are suitable for almost every face shape — and in particular give angular faces a softer look.

T079 from neubau

The classic design is complemented by smart details and aesthetic subtleties. Robin comes with a logo hinge designed especially by neubau eyewear: the high-quality, integrated logo application made of cool stainless steel can be found on the hinge of the arm. The three-dimensional brand logo is only visible when the glasses are folded, making it an understated, surprising detail. Robin also features the custom-made, branded needle in the arms, which is color-coordinated to the logo in titanium and flexible.

For a look into the new frame Robin from neubau, click here.