Tip Of The Day: Seven Things

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What I love most about Doug Fleener are his simple ways to coaching staff. His Take Five Tips on Seven Thingsincreasing productivity and morale, but I love his Sweet Spot idea on emailing your manager on 7 Things to stretch their thinking.

Many times in Staff meetings have you wanted staff to step up to the plate. Sometimes people do not speak up because they are shy, think their idea is stupid or even just don’t feel like discussing it that day .

Doug’s idea was to email the manager or even the staff to have them come up with 7 Things: 7 Things to increase  productivity, 7 Ways make the office better, 7 Events to bring in customer,, 7 Re-remechandising ideas, 7 New product idea or even 7 Crazy ideas to set the office apart..

Just 7 things… what do you think?


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