To Do: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

At the end of each year we revisit over 1000 websites to update our information. I don’t even want to tell you how many bad websites there are. Even if the website is decent, you can’t read it on a mobile phone, what is the point of having the website? If you don’t do anything else, update your website until it is mobile friendly.

Eye Bogglers

  • The total daily time U.S. adults spend with mobile media is expected to increase from 46 minutes in 2011 to 258 minutes (3 hours and 18 minutes) in 2017.
  • 20% is Growth Rate for online advertising (USA) Mobile Advertising is driving the growth.
  • 75% of ad revenue growth is by Google and Facebook
  • 2018 predicted that all internet users will have a smart phone.




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