TO Do: Prepare For National Contact Lens Week In August

contact lenses - Snellen chart

Eyecare professionals  and retailers who want to improve knowledge and communications to patients about contact lenses and eye health can take part in encouraging healthy contact lens wear by participating in the 4th annual Contact Lens Health week, an observance scheduled every August. Find out more at CDC

Since National Contact Lens Week is also celebrated by Back To Schoolers, it is a good time to educate teenagers about correct contact lens habits.

The CDC has been hosting Twitter chats to kick off the week. The chat helps disseminate messages to contact lens wearers and parents of young people who wear contacts. Join the conversation by following #OnePairTakeCare.

A number of materials and resources are also available on the CDC website to help promote the week. The toolkit includes promotion and outreach suggestions, a web-based resource list, social media messages, sample newsletter announcements, additional contact lens health materials and campaign posters. More info is available on a special section of the CDC website.


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