TO DO: Prepare For St. Patricks Day

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Down with the Red and up with the Green, One of the biggest holidays in the USA is ST. Patricks Day. What do you need to decorate? Leprechauns, Harps (symbol of Irish Culture)  Shamrocks, Pots of gold, celtic crosses, rainbows and lots of green. Signage that says Erin Go Bragh,” “Top of the Morning,” and “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,”, We have the Luck of the Irish…

This is simple idea that you can use for almost any occaisson. Take some old belts and hang from any space. (Do not know where I got the image, apologies in advance)

Flickr Valerie Everett

This is a simple easy and reusable Concept, white or gold candles, a bit of green ribbon in a white saucer. Put a bunch of these together, hang some Green Eyeglasses and accessories. The same concept could be used for any holiday.

Jennifer Curran on Pinterest

Other green things: Green Apples, Green ribbons, green grass, green plants, green eyes… All can be used to decorate.