Too Old or Too Ugly for Stylish Beautiful Eyewear?

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I went to visit the guys, Marc and Jason at friezeframes last week. Friezeframes is a high-end eyewear company that focuses on reinventing vintage styling into a more contemporary and wearable look and feel. During my visit we talked about marketing and most specifically their target markets!  I was surprised to see the same white/crystal  frame I selected for myself at Vision Expo on this young, rather inked, male model shown below.

frieze frame - Crash 68 in White/Crystal

Jason and Marc admitted they were surprised I wanted it as I am not the intended target market (not saying how old I am!)  This really got us talking about target markets and assumptions. We agreed one should never assume that anyone is too old, young, poor, ugly, or just not suitable for trendy and/or stylish beautiful eyewear! We reminisced on how we had  learned that when we did the San Diego Polo Club event last summer. Everyone got so excited trying on friezeframes, even a few people who we thought wouldn’t want to even look at them! You can check out the photos below to see what we mean….

Pat didn't keep this "Goddess" frame but he did select another!

A few months ago, one of our blog readers, Marsha Humphreys,  made this comment  about a “senior customer” from our post on  selling multiple pairs of eyewear: “You are so right! I have a little customer who is 70+ and she comes in every few months to check our our newest sunglasses. Her husband bought her a little rolling suitcase for her eyeglasses when they travel! She has at least 75 pair! Some w/reading, some plano. Price range is at $350 – $1150. In South Dakota no less! Who says we don’t know fashion in South Dakota!”

Who is the target market for stylish beautiful eyewear? You can’t always make assumptions about people but display your trendy and stylish beautiful eyewear well, show it and talk about it and you might be surprised at just how large that market is!


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