Top 11 Ways to Reuse Contact Lens Cases

Thousands of contact lens cases go into landfills every year. In order to keep that non-Biodegradable plastic out of landfills we have come up with a few ways that you can reuse or up-cycle contact lens cases. The best thing you can do is continue to reuse within your patients. Cleaning and sterilizing old contact lens cases is a very, very good thing.

Parts Tray-12

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Eye Boggler:

  • Estimated 38 million contact wearers in the USA- that’s a lot of cases going into landfills

Top 11 Ways to Re-use and Re-Purpose Contact Lens Cases

  1. Use to store small things like pins, small screws and parts
  2. Use as a pill box
  3. Call Contact Lens company and see if they can reuse.
  4. Use to carry small amount of Vaseline for chapped lips
  5. Use for small paint containers.
  6. Use the lids as small checker pieces or other lost game pieces.
  7. Use for hair gel in the purse or car
  8. Use as salt and Pepper shakers
  9. Use to store small earring (especially if travelling)
  10. Paint and Paste on the wall as an artwork (great insulation as well)
  11. Use to make and advent calendar
  12. Fix your Lipstick Bullet (see YouTube Video)
  13. Store ear plugs
  14. Store hearing aid batteries or small batteries