Top 11 Ways to Reuse -Repurpose Contact Lenses

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With the amount of people wearing contact lenses, how many of contact lenses end up in trash and ultimately in our landfills? So what else can you do with old contact lenses?

It is not OK to flush disposable contact lenses down the toilet and sink. First it can clog up the pipes and 2nd, no matter how small contact lenses are, they have to land up somewhere, in our water or landfills. Best to throw in the trash.

You can donate unused and unexpired contact lenses: (Call first)

If they are expired or within a 6 month expiration date they can be re-used into other crafts or even home projects.

Top 11 Ways to Reuse Contact Lens

  1. Glue two lenses together, after placing an itsy-bitsy image or an object inside. Can use as decor or for a necklace, ring or bracelet.
  2. Makes a necklace. The earrings can be made by the same principle.
  3. Glue it onto a button for a little decor
  4. Glue onto a picture frame in mosiac like pattern
  5. Make a bowl or a sink for doll’s miniature house.
  6. Collect and put into a fish bowl, add water and watch your contact lenses float.
  7. Place a seed and a drop of water and watch it grow.
  8. Squeeze in into a small hole in a wall before plastering.
  9. Use for Halloween makeover. Glue to your face and cover with make up.
  10. Use for dolls or puppet eyes
  11. Decorate small boxes and other crafts


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