Top 22 Examples of Workplace Rudeness

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I admire people that work in offices. Having been in outside sales for the majority of my life, it would be extremely challenging to be in an office all day. Shirley worked in offices most of her life, so she knows better than I do. When you work in an office, it is important to productivity, staff motivation, morale, customer service and general goodwill that all staff and (owners) follow some guidelines on being nice! 

Top 21 Examples of Workplace Rudeness 

  1. Being Interrupted consistently 
  2. Never a Thank You or a Please
  3. Table Manners- cleaning up the kitchen and after yourself 
  4. Bad Language 
  5. Bad Perfume or body odor. 
  6. Not greeting one another 
  7. Ignoring someone or giving the silent treatment. 
  8. Making your Personal Phone Conversations open to all – putting on the speaker phone 
  9. Invading a personal conversation 
  10. Overt whispering and gossiping 
  11. Stealing someone’s else food in the fridge
  12. Clipping Fingernails/Toenails at your desk 
  13. Yelling at a person in front of others
  14. Person who leave the bathroom in a mess 
  15. Checking PDA or email- when someone is talking to you
  16. Borrowing Money or Mooching  
  17. Whistling, toe tapping or singing constantly 
  18. People who are always late and you have to pick up the pieces
  19. Sneezing, Hacking without a Kleenex or covering your mouth. 
  20. People consistently not doing their job, but spend time paying bills, picking up personal email 
  21. Chomping and popping gum. 
  22. Grooming oneself in front of everyone.