Top 8 Ways to Overcome Managed Care in Eyecare

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The easiest way to deal with optical managed care is to think, the eyecare customer wants only what is in their plan. The hardest- change your thinking and perception to assume the customer wants the best. Instead of thinking it’s a hassle, change the thinking to this is a great opportunity.  The basic difference between optimists and pessimists is how they handle the managed care patient once he or she is in the office. What to order should be decided by the patient, not by the managed care plan.

Eye Bogglers 

  • More than 65% of patients have some sort of  insurance coverage
  • Which leaves 35% of population that are private pay.
  • The only reason to be a part of any managed care plan is to draw the patient population.
  • Patients will upgrade when the dispenser takes the time to explain the value of products and services.   

Top 8 Ways to Overcome Managed Care 

1.) Organize Your Managed Care Programs

  • Compare the top 3 Managed Care Programs and and the ways in which each program affects sales 
  • Discuss how to use the formulas to your benefit and increase eyecare sales 
  • Create and practice terminology and presentation of products to enhance profitability 

2.) Eliminate Prejudging 

  • Practice assuming the patient and customer wants the best. 
  • Practice the presentation of 2nd pair sales 
  • Practice and Show Add-on including accessories 

3.) Know your products and educate all optical staff

  • The more you know and can pass on to the customer and patient, the more credibility you will have. 
  • Stress the quality of your products .

4.) Merchandise Effectively  

  • Each area of the dispensing room should jump out and say ‘Buy Me’ 

5.) Rx in the Chair 

  • Use Doctor Power- write 2 Rx’s- this can increase sales by 20%.  
  • Doctors walk the patient to the dispensing room and discuss with staff what the patients needs to have. 

6.) Be enthusiastic 

  • Utilize a lifestyle questionaire 
  • Set the right tone, if you are excited you will transfer the excitement on to your customer 
  • Wear Premium and updated products- if you wear them, you will sell them. 

7.) Recommend and present benefits 

  • You are the expert and if you are the expert- they will rely on you for making the best recommendations. 
  • Sell what looks good- not on price 
  • Stress the medical benefits of quality products 
  • Offer a solution rather than a product 
  • Discuss warrantee’s 

8.) Close on the right note

  • Respect that person’s choice.
  • Thank them for coming in.
  • Have Fun- no-one buys if they are not having fun! 
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