Top 80 Wood And SkateDeck Eyewear Companies

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Wood-Eyeglasses-Yoshihisa Yabuuchi
Yoshihisa Yabuuchi

Wood Eyewear is a huge trend and every year in April we update our list of Wood Eyewear companies. When we first started it was about 15  companies and as you can see the list has grown. This does not include the occasional wood sunglass from designers such as Louie Vuitton, Anne Et Valentin (limited Edition)

Many of the wood companies offer bamboo and another growing trend is the recycled Skate Deck Eyewear.

Please Note These are not all the companies:

Eyewear Companies That Offer Wood Eyewear and Recycled Skateboard Eyeglasses

  1. 2nd Shot. (Canada) Bamboo and recycled Skate Deck Eyewear
  2. Anni ShadesAlliance, OH (Launch Jan. 2011) Twitter, Facebook.
  3. Archipendolo (Italy)
  4. Adam Mugavero- WoodEyewear- Custom wood designs Adam Mugavero,
  5. Awe Wood Eyewear– Site not running yet.
  6. Aye Spy (UK)
  7. Best Glasses (Russia) by Anton Saltanov
  8. Bome Eyewear (Portland, OR) Wood Eyewear
  9. Capitol Eyewear- ( USA, 2010) wood eyewear, Twitter and Facebook
  10. Boe and Sunde Boe and Sunde (Netherlands)
  11. Crown Wood Eyewear (Los Angeles) I don’t know if they are?
  12. Deck Specks (Atlanta, GA) Skateboard Deck Eyewear
  13. Diamond Supply (California ) Wood and Skate Deck Eyewear.
  14. Dolpi (Italy) eyewear project conceived according to PEFC standards
  15. Drift Eyewear (Launched 2010 Wood and Acetate, FSC Certified wood and gives back to 1% for the Planet. They also are at Vision Expo.
  16. Efani Eyewear; (Canada) Wood Eyewear, plants a tree for every frame sold.
  17. Eqo Optics– (Colorado) Skate Deck Eyewear. They are only on Facebook.

    Roots Eyewear
  18. Été Wood Spex (Italy) from
  19. Evoke Conscious Design- Brazil- Wood and Bamboo
  20. Eye Shoulda (CO) Don’t think they are in business anymore.
  21. Feb 31st (Italy) 2011 Launch. Showed at Mido 2012 for the first time. Use FSC certified wood.
  22. Fritz Eyewear (Australia)
  23. Gold and Wood (Miami, FL) Luxury wood eyewear, also on Facebook.
  24. Grown Sustainable Wooden Eyewear-wood and bamboo eyewear- For every item purchased Grown will fund sight restoring surgery for 2 person or eye exams for 12 children
  25. Good Wood Eyewear (New York) Launch 2011 for Eyewear
  26. Grain Eyewear (Philadelphia, PA) Launch 2013
  27. Grein Optics (Colorado?) They have also been at Vision Expo
  28. Hatchet (Provo, Utah) wood and bamboo sunglasses
  29. Herrlicht (Germany) Handmade Wood eyewear
  30. Holloway (Australia) launch 2011, reclaimed wood and skateboard deck eyewear
  31. Holy Green (France) Launch 2011:  rimless eyewear with wood temples
  32. Hout Couture (Amsterdam) Wooden Sunglasses. Plants a tree for every frame sold.
  33. iWood (KY) (Louisville, KY) Eco Friendly wood eyewear,
  34. Jan Gunneweg (Netherlands) 2011 Wood Sunwear
  35. Karl Wooden Spectacles (Estonia)
  36. Karun (Chile) FSC Certified wood sunwear)
  37. Kurtis USA- (California) Bamboo Sunglasses
  38. M.A.D.E (Danish) Founded in 2004
  39. Matteo Ragni (Italy) ,  Facebook Handmade Wood Eyewear

    2nd Shot
    2nd Shot
  40. Micro Mega (Italy) Wood Top Bars for rimless Frames
  41. MoonWoods (Washington) Collaboration of Various Artists who make wood eyewear and jewelry
  42. Nautique Optix- Exotic Wood Sunglasses (Perry, OH) (Made in the USA)
  43. OptiMono
  44. otchoo Eyewear (Argentina)
  45. Panda- (Washington DC)  Bamboo and – Provide Free Eye Exams with Tomao Foundation /
  46. Parachute- (Dutch) Bamboo Eyewear called Bambuya Plants a Tree through Global ReLeaf
  47. Pala Wood (Australia)
  48. Proof Eyewear (Eagle, ID) wood sunwear and recycled skateboard deck glasses. Donates back to eye hospitals, deforestation in Haiti and eyeglass
  49. Rolf Spectacles (They Also Have Bamboo) and have won design awards for their wooden eyeglasses. Winner of 2010 Red Dot Award.
  50. Root Eyewear (Japan) Wood and Bamboo)
  51. Sagawafuji (Japan) launched wood eyewear, but cannot find a site
  52. Shwood Eyewear (Canby, OR) Launched 2010? Handmade reclaimed wood eyeglasses, skateboard deck sunglasses and now making limited edition eyeglasses from Irish Whiskey barrels.  on Facebook, Twitter
  53. Siempre Verde (Marina Del Rey, Ca) Wood Eyewear Member of 1% for the Planet
  54. Sires Eyewear- (CA) 2010-Eco Friendly biodegradable wood eyewear , Support Trees For the Future. YouTube Videos
  55. Sk8 Shades- Recycled Skateboard Decks
  56. Spectacle Eyeworks (Canada). Uses Canadian Maple, hand carved Canadian Motifs.
  57. Sticks Eyewear  (New Zealand) This is wood and bamboo eyewear (
  58. Takemoto (Hong Kong) Wood and bamboo eyewear
  59. Telhart Wood Eyewear (not launched as yet)
  60. Timber (Dana Point, CA) Launch October 2011. Eco Friendly eyewear made with sustainable bamboo, skateboard deck waste. Plants trees for every frame sold.
  61. Tommy Ownes- Wood Sunglasses- Made in USA

    Adam Mugavero
    Adam Mugavero
  62. Tree Spectacles (Italy) FSC Certified Wood
  63. Twigs Woodwear Sunglasses – Site is not up and running yet.
  64. Two-O (Netherlands) Made wood accessories, with wood sunglasses.
  65. Urban Spectacles (Chicago, IL) Handmade Wood Spectacles, eyewear made from records and bicycles. Eco Friendly eyeglasses
  66. Urushi Wood Sunglasses (Japan) backed on Indiego. Can’t find the website.
  67. Verde Style (USA) Bamboo- Maboo Shades
  68. Vuerich B (Spain) Wood Eyewear and Skateboard Deck Eyewear –
  69. W-Eye Wood
  70. Waiting For The Sun (Paris, France) Launch 2011. At Vision Expo East. Wood Eyewear
  71. Wooed By Wood (San Francisco, CA) Launch 2013 Wood and Bamboo Eyewear
  72. Wood Wear Handmade Sustainable Sunglass– (Hermosa Beach, CA)  Bamboo Sunglasses – Donate a percentage of each sale to organizations that are helping others. In order to help as many people as possible, we will support a new cause every couple of months.
  73. WoodRoze Wooden Sunglasses (Florida) / a percentage of each pair of sunglasses sold support Mote Marine Laboratory.
  74. Wooden Specs Studio (Indianapolis, IN) New company-Wooden eyewear

  75. Wood Weekend Sunwear (California)
  76. Woodone (Brooklyn, Italy) Launched 2012
  77. WoodZee (2011) (USA) Wood Eyewear- Plants trees for every frame sold
  78. Yoshihisa Yabuuchi (Japan)
  79. Zerezes (Brazil) -Wood Eyewear made from Salvage.
  80. Etsy has several ‘crafters’ selling wood eyewear, including tumbleweedoddities. 


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