Top 9 Of The Weirdest Mens Fashions for 2012

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I don’t want to forget the men in some of our weirdest fashions. Men in skirts, men in pastels, men in geometric designs, men in Face Hoodies? Mohawks are making a comeback and Canes. What do you think? Which is the wierdest? Let us know and any eyewear suggestions?

1.) Luis Manteiga geometrically challenged futuristic look. This is a tough one. We chose Jonathan Paul , wrap shades with side windows. This way, you can secretly watch peoples expressions when they see this garb.

Luis Manteiga


Jonathan Paul Style Pentacle

2.) Thom Browne- Face Hoodies, mixed matched clothes and mohawks and skirts. Nice abs, Obviously no eyewear needed.

Thom Browne Fall Winter 2012

3.) Built likc a Brick…? A couple of chimneys? This reminds me a little of Dick VanDyke singing Chimney, in Mary Poppins.  John Paul Gaultier and Moschino. Only a fairly simple frame for here, way too much going on! Our pick- Legre
Legre Style 5066

4.) Court Jester? Riffing on Reffing? Moncler Gamme Bleu. Only Red or yellow will do. Our pick is OGI
OGI Style 5501

5.) I love Walter Van Beirendonck. Aqua, Yellow, orange, pinks and blue. But we decided this needs a wackier touch. Our pick Colab

Walter Van Veirendonck

Anthony Lister For Colab

6.) California Designer Rick Owens Monastic Look. Future priests? With this look, nothing else will do except Eyes Of Faith
Eyes of Faith Style 1008

7.) Givenchy Skirts. I am thinking a nice green frame in a oblong shape to add just a traditional masculine touch. Our pick Modern Optical

Modern Optical Style GVX505

8.) Walter Van Beirendonck Mens Fall Winter 2012. I would describe this as a Phantom of The Opera goes Mod! More Face Hoodies and Canes. Again, no need for eyewear.

9.) Bernard Willhelm Fall Winter 2012. Can’t tell if it is all about farmers or skaters? With that in mind, we think Switch Vision might be perfect, that way they can get all types of lenses to decide if they are painting, skating, or just being cool.

Switch Vision- Avalanche Slide

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