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What a year 2022 was. With a new variant of COVID making life difficult throughout Europe the first few months of 2022 saw the winter trade shows moved from January and February into April and May. Our own Vision Expo went off as planned in March, missing mask mandates in New York by a matter of mere weeks.

While attendance at every trade show was down from pre-pandemic levels there was a sense of optimism from both ECPs and manufacturers that things were looking up in optical even with inflation and supply chain issues. Even Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, while a tragedy for those in Ukraine and those families who became refugees, didn’t seem to dampen the outlook of European ECPs for very long. While we all are facing considerably higher energy bills this winter, our European friends are putting on a smile and a sweater while turning down the thermostats just a little to make it through this winter.

As we always do this time of year, we took a look back at all the podcasts we were able to share with you, our listeners in 2022, and want to share the top ten from this year, based on the number of listens. Did you catch them all? If not, here is your chance.

We look forward to sharing even more fun podcasts with you in the new year. Thank you for listening!

10. Jordan Percy – RAEN Eyewear

9. David Green Eyewear

8. STRUKTUR Eyewear

7. Garry Kousoulou – Loving Social Media

6. Maksym Harrylenko – Ochis Eyewear

5. Dutz Eyewear

4. Vanni Eyewear

3. Trudi Charest – Marketing 4ECPs

2. Tyler Gelb – T Henri Eyewear

And the #1 Podcast of 2022

  1. Eric Lenoir – SILMO Paris

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024


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