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The Optical Journal Top 10 Podcasts

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to thank each of you for spending some of your valuable time with The Optical Journal. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to serving you even more and better content in 2024. As always please feel free to forward any questions or suggestions to at any time.

As we always do this time of year, we took a look back at all the podcasts we were able to share with you, our listeners in 2023, and want to share the top ten from this year, based on the number of listens. Did you catch them all? If not, here is your chance.

We look forward to sharing even more fun podcasts with you in the new year. Thank you for listening!

10. Lorna Robinson – Hakim Group

9. Kazoku Lunettes – Michael Nicolas

8. Optical Metaverse July 2023

7. Cathleen Kabashi – opti 2024

6. Nicolas Roseillier – UN-TI-TLED


4. David Salk – BlueLogic36

3. Elaine Grisdale and Eric Lenoir | SILMO Singapore

2. Allan Peterson – Monoqool Eyewear

#1 Podcast of 2023 – Laura and Ben Harrison – Jonas Paul Eyewear


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