Trade Show Trivia and Stats – Going to Vision Expo East

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Vision Expo

We leave for Vision Expo East on Thursday- and will be trying to give daily updates on what is happening at the show. 

Searching for some interesting ‘EyeBit’s’ on Trade Shows, came across this interesting article from  Flexi Display Blog (Actually for Exhibitors and has useful benefits on why attendees go to trade shows) 

  • 83% of attendees have some kind of buying power.
  • 85% of decision makers say attending trade shows saves their company time and money by bringing vendors together under one roof.
  • 79% of the attendees say that attending shows helps them decide what products to buy.
  • 91% of attendees say trade shows impact their buying decisions because the competition is in one place, allowing for comparison shopping in real time.
  • 85% of an exhibitor’s success lies in the performance of the staff.
  • People-to-people medium where the quality of communication is critical, ineffective staffing equals ineffective exhibiting
  • 53% of exhibit managers say it’s “difficult” or “very difficult” to keep effective booth staffers.
  • Trade shows cost 38% less than sales calls.
  • Trade show visitors will tell 6+ people about their experience.
  • 81% testify that trade shows help attendees become aware of new products and services.
  • Trade shows are the No. 1 b2b marketing tool to support sales, beating out specialty publications, Internet, promotions and PR.
  • 91% of attendees say they get the most useful buying info from trade shows and events.