TREE Spectacles: A Synthesis Of Modern, Minimalistic, Italian Design

Contemporary principles based on knowledge and experience are at the core of the design philosophy at TREE Spectacles. The Italian label produces exclusive collections in advanced materials including eco acetate, surgical stainless steel, and titanium, always upholding the traditions of fine eyewear through design excellence, experience, and production know-how.

Eco-friendly acetate in exceptional combination designs
TREE Spectacles explores the excellent aesthetic properties of eco acetate (M49 by Mazzucchelli), a 100% eco-friendly Bioplastic which is hugely versatile in colour and aesthetic effect. The brand has approached the material in unique design work, developed in their Bold Series where combination designs exhibit exceptional technical precision and refinement.

“We take great pride in selecting the best eyewear materials in the world. Our eco-friendly acetate from Mazzucchelli has a very fine finish and surprising colorations that are modern and harmonious. We use the material with a technique that creates “sharp cut edges”, emblematic of our style and design aesthetic which fuses qualities of elegance and harmony with a clean and angular style, says Marco Barp, the Co-Founder of TREE Spectacles.



Representing the ultimate combination of eco acetate with Japanese stainless steel temples, this exceptional round shape is representative of the finesse of style achieved through super sharp finishing of the acetate material. The style is available in 5 colors of raspberry, light blue, light mauve, tortoise, and black.



A women’s frame, developed from a cat-eye shape and featuring a two-tone acetate coloration, the style also combines a bio acetate front with Japanese titanium temples. The Studio Capsule proposes flattering shapes and expressive color combinations. Model Frine is available in 4 color combinations of blue/crystal, green/crystal, dark purple/light purple, and red/crystal.


TREE Virgil

A men’s model with a substantial acetate front (eco acetate), keyhole bridge detail, and Japanese titanium temples. The frame is part of a capsule series that puts particular focus on flawless lines and design details that contribute to overall comfort and lightness. The style is available in 4 colors of red, crystal grey, crystal brown, and blue/tortoise.

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