TREE Spectacles – Audacious Character And Color Innovation

Models Vedra and Midas by TREE Spectacles are the embodiment of a confident series of new designs at the Italian eyewear label, where super-fresh colors are proposed, informed by directional fashion and design trends for the Spring/Summer 2022 season.

“It was our intention to insert these color combinations with our minimal aesthetic and approach to design. In these models, you can find the same sharp finishing and the same clean, architectural shapes by TREE, we have just evolved the color palette to apply new and surprising tonal combinations …” Marco Barp, TREE Spectacles, Co-Founder

Retaining the minimal structural beauty typical of the brand, both of the new models represent an exciting exploration of bold, punchy color combinations, mixing solid tones and transparencies. TREE Spectacles has dedicated time and effort to the research and development of the colorations to achieve exciting combinations which fuse fluorescent or neon colors with more delicate pastel shades and transparent finishes.

Beautifully proportioned and perfectly original, the brand’s love for color and fashion trends are expressed in these new models, along with an acute sense of originality and Italian design flair.



Model VEDRA by TREE Spectacles features a square eye shape with a clean structured design and metal temples. The colorways include: pale pink/purple crystal, brown/light brown crystal, burgundy/pink crystal, and pewter blue/crystal pink



A strong square statement shape, model MIDAS by TREE Spectacles also combines acetate and metal. The colorways include pewter blue/grey crystal, dark grey/purple crystal, fuchsia/purple crystal, and brown/light brown crystal.

Marco Barp, Co-Founder of TREE SPECTACLES, has grown up in a family of eyewear producers in Belluno, Italy. His first collection launched at MIDO in 2012, the result of intense R&D to create a niche ‘Made in Italy’ products in layers of wood ‘sandwiched’ with carbon fiber – a design innovation that was quickly praised (and patented) for its lightness, comfort, flexibility, and unique beauty.

Today the company produces a wide variety of collections including luxury and design series in wood/carbon fiber, buffalo horn, titanium, and bio acetate.

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