Tree Spectacles Restyles Website

The Italian company, TREE SPECTACLES announces the launch of a newly designed website, Instagram page, and logo, a creative project achieved through the weeks of lockdown, to build on its achievements in 2019 and further strengthen its positioning as one of Italy’s leading, independent, quality-driven artisan brands.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak …this was our starting point for a new look that brings out our finest qualities and communicates our core values, be it our expertise and attention to detail in the manufacture or our focus on high quality and natural sustainable materials”, says Tree Co-founder, Marco Barp.

TREE SPECTACLES The TREE logo, first launched in 2011, has been updated with a minimalist, modern eye-catching style to demonstrate to customers the core values of the brand today, and its well-established position as a contemporary label. The new website and Instagram restyling offer a fresh uncluttered design that has wide appeal and meaningful messaging – communicating the brand philosophy, story and special values with clarity and sensibility for the modern customer and eyewear enthusiast and presenting the new TREE Spectacles collections with beautiful, engaging imagery and detailed texts.


PASSION AND EXCLUSIVITY “Since first launching in 2011, we have continued on the same path with the same philosophy. We design collections with clean, minimal, refined lines and details. We take care to use innovative technical solutions and advanced materials from Italy and Japan.” Marco Barp, TREE SPECTACLES, Co-Founder

Marco Barp, Co-Founder of TREE SPECTACLES, has grown up in a family of eyewear producers in Belluno, Italy. His first collection launched at MIDO in 2012, the result of intense R&D to create a niche ‘Made in Italy’ products in layers of wood ‘sandwiched’ with carbon fiber – a design innovation which was quickly praised (and patented) for its lightness, comfort, flexibility, and unique beauty. Today the company produces a wide variety of collections including luxury and design series in wood/carbon fiber, buffalo horn, titanium and acetate.