Tree Spectacles


Forward-oriented Italian design, advanced use of premium materials
Tree Spectacles announces the introduction of two new series in its state-of-the-art TITANIUM Collection – previewed at Silmo 2019
Belluno, Italy – Through specialised architecture inspired techniques and careful attention to details and surfaces, Italian label Tree Spectacles presents a one-of-a-kind TITANIUM Collection featuring faceted surfaces, more usually seen in acetate eyewear. These surfaces produce a soft glinting effect in the light. The brand is launching two new series which play with this concept, each one with two models.

Series 1, with models ESCHILO and DAFNE, uses a combination of pure titanium for fronts, and beta titanium for temples. The faceted upper surface of the frame front creates the illusion of a two-tone design, although just one color is featured. The upper rims are slightly shiny and catch the light.

Series 2, with models HARRY and SHEM, also combines titanium for fronts and beta titanium for temples. The models are created using a milling technique on the block titanium. In this Series, the designer plays with real colour combinations (in contrast to Series 1). The colors are elegant and muted to achieve a very clean and modern architectural look.

Eschilo by Tree Spectacles

Model ESCHILO in Series 1 is a smart rectangular titanium frame for men with the faceted surface on the upper rims. Colors include solid black and solid silver – although the faceted surface gives the appearance of a two-tone combination.

Dafne by Tree Spectacles

Model DAFNE in Series 1 is a woman’s frame with a modified oval shape, and the faceted surface on the upper rims, which adds a delicate shine or glistening effect to the design. Colors include pastel pink and light mauve.

Harry by Tree Spectacles

Model HARRY in Series 2 is a round unisex design in a two-tone colorway of blue/pale blue and pink/lilac. Where the frame front has undergone the milling technique, the play of colours is highlighted with true finesse.

Shem by Tree Spectacles

Model SHEM in Series 2 is a bold rectangular men’s frame with the innovative two-tone colourway in black/silver and silver/pale blue. The milled section of the frame front gives depth to the material which in turn creates a special effect on the face.

Take a peek at the new Titanium Collection from Tree Spectacles here.