Tuesday Tip Of The Day : Battery Check

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We in southern California, have natural disasters of course, but more in the line of earthquakes. The last time we had a major warning was the tsunami from Japan. My emergency response was a VG donut run  (by the beach) just in case they got swamped by incoming waves and how was I going to be able to cope without a VG fix?

Well as most of the world knows, southern California got hit by a major power outage and as much as we have blogged on Emergency and Disaster preparation, I was not prepared. Nothing like having 20 extra batteries that do not work with any of my 4 flashlights. As I was scrambling around looking for the flashlights, my niece went on a mission to find candles (I had matches, no candles) and ice.

Our tip of the day: Check your batteries, your flashlights and any other devices that you might need back up support. Make a list of every time of battery that goes in every type of device. You will need to print it and several times a year double check your preparation.



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