Tweens And Teens Spending

Getting Ready for Back to School, how important is the mind and wallet of Tweens and Teens? More importantly how can you capture this elusive market?

Image: Ready Pulse
Image: Ready Pulse

Teen Spending (Source)

  • 26,873,000 Million Teens in the USA
  • $258.7 Billion Products bough by and for teens
  • $91.1 Billion Total Teen Income in the US
  • $157.6 Billion Annual Amount Families spend for food, appear, Personal and entertains,
  • 26% of teens who have placed an online order in the past three months
  • 75% of teens who would choose a new pair of shoes over 50 new mp3 downloads
  • 63% of teens who would choose a new pair of jeans over concert tickets
  • 41% of girls age 13-18 who bought 10 or more items of clothing in the past six months
  • 21% of girls age 13-18 who bought 5 to 9 items of clothing in the past six months
  • 79% of girls who identified shopping as one of their “hobbies and activities”

Percent of girls saying the following is a source they use when finding the latest trends

  • 81% Friends / Peers
  • 68% Fashion magazines
  • 68% Ads
  • 44% Company web sites
  • 36% Consumer reviews
  • 33% Celebrities
  • 25% Parents / Adults
  • 14% Bloggers
  • 53% Percent who believe their opinions greatly influence their friends’ purchase decisions

To capture this market, why not poll your teens and tweens and ask them what they are looking for.

Relook at your website does it have a Tween and Teen section?

How does your merchandising reflecting a Teen Culture?

What marketing are you doing that is focussed on Teen Appeal?

What Eyewear and Accessories do you offer to appeal the the market?




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