Unconventional Expressions

Unconventional expressions of individual personality through innovation and creativity – this is the new X-IDE Fall/Winter 2019 collection. Immediately recognizable, these sophisticated frames are the result of non-stop research into colors and materials and extraordinary attention to detail.

With names inspired by the world of music, these styles blend cutting-edge design and artisan craftsmanship, where music is seen not only as an art form but as a metaphor for the energetic, fun-filled lifestyle of those who choose X-IDE.

Beat by X-Ide
Soul by X-Ide

Absolutely innovative for the FW 19 collection, the Beat and Soul combination styles feature a metal structure skillfully “lightened-up” by pairing with color-coordinated matte translucent acetates. Beat, slightly upturned; Soul, hexagonal; these two frames march to a contemporary yet vibrant tune.

Hip-Hop by X-Ide
Tribal by X-Ide

Experimentation lies at the heart of the Hip-Hop and Tribal acetate with metal core styles in a square-shaped version for men and a generous cat-eye for the ladies. Metallic fibers incorporated into the acetate lend a “mesh” effect that, enhanced with glitter in the ladies’ styles, frames and illuminates the glance, conveying character.

Blues by X-Ide
Jazz by X-Ide

Yet, it is in the metal Blues and Jazz styles in particular that the entirely hand-made X-IDE collection manufacturing tradition shines, transforming each frame into a one-of-a-kind. This time, the distinguishing detail lies in the ultra-thin top rim, superimposed over the lens in a sophisticated interplay of shapes and enhanced by a “diamond-etched” finish worthy of the jeweler’s art. The small rhinestone on the outside of the temple tips adds a subtle shimmer of light.


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