Vegan Contact Lens Products


One of the goals of the Optical Vision Site is to not only provide you with ways to increase your business- but to give you some insight into eyecare business trends.
Many Eyecare Professionals are losing the contact lens market ‘add on’s’ such as Contact Lens cleaners and other supplies. Those products are readily available in every Big Box Warehouse, Pharmacy and the Internet- Why not offer a Non-Toxic Alternative and Keep the Patient! For more information on this market check out The Vegetarian Resource Group (  
Eye Bogglers- Vegans and Vegetarians Market 


  • The available research puts the figure at around 1% of the USA population.
  • 2008: 0.5% of the population (6)
  • 2006: 1.4% of the population (5)
  • 2003: 1.8% of the population (4)
  • 2000: 0.2% of the population (3)
  • 2000: 0.9% of the population (2)
  • 1997: 1.0% of the population (1)
  • VRG estimates that 30-40 percent of the country’s consumers are a good market for meatless items. From 4-10 percent call themselves vegetarians. 

In tooling around the Internet- I found this Contact Lens Product Supplier- Clear Conscience.  Clear Conscience Vegan Contact Lens products was established in 1998 to provide quality, safe products for contact lenses that are cruelty-free. Company policy ensures that all suppliers are also committed to product safety testing without the use of animals. 10% of all proceeds donated to non-profit animal welfare and environmental organizations.

  • Currently Clear Conscience contact lens products are available in select health food and natural product stores nationwide. Products may also be purchased direct on-line or by calling  800-595-9592 or by e-mail at[email protected] . The website is WWW.CLEARCONSCIENCE.COM OR CALL STEPHEN BARTELL AT 800-595-9592.
  •  By purchasing Clear Conscience contact lens cases a contribution is made  to the Born Free USA, in addition to the Clear Conscience policy of donating 10% of all proceeds to various animal-welfare organizations.


Here’s what I think- what a great Talk Factor- what a great competitive edge- why let your optical patients go to a natural food store, when they can get it from you!