Villa Eyewear Representing ROUNDTEN


Villa Eyewear announced that they now proudly represent, ROUNDTEN. ROUNDTEN is a technology-minded brand and offers an extremely modern collection of frames. The brand was founded in 2016 by two founders, one coming from the automotive industry, experienced in supply chain, operations automation and lean manufacturing; the other being the third generation in a family owning steel production facilities, producing complex components for trains and aerospace.

Since its very beginnings, Roundten has sought for moving technology towards its greatest expression. As one of the many results of this, it is now the moment to present our new limited collection.

This new limited edition, always strictly in line with Roundten´s DNA, understands technology as part of humanity, like the first trip to the moon or the constant human need of exploring new frontiers. This is how the CAPSULA 01 is presented.

ROUNDTEN CapsulaCollection
ROUNDTEN blends performance and design by applying German engineering processes mixed with Mediterranean styles. The core of ROUNDTEN is Flextal®, a proprietary material composed of high carbon, titanium, and stainless steel. This material offers incredible resistance to impact, pressure, and rust.

ROUNDTEN has a unique, easy-to-use hinge system that requires NO WELDS, NO SCREWS, AND NO TOOLS. This system guarantees an easy-to-work-with product, long-lasting comfort, improved aesthetics, and perfect fitting over time.

Efficiency and automation in production allows every ROUNDTEN frame to be made using premium materials and processes such as Flextal, PVD Coatings, Polyamide Lenses, and a virtually unbreakable hinge; all at a very competitive price.

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