Visgard® Premium SE Anti-Fog Coating for Eyewear and Transportation Applications

FSI Coating Technologies, Inc. a leader in high-performance anti-fog coatings today announced the launch of Visgard® Premium SE (Special Edition). With the addition of Visgard Premium SE, there are now four Visgard product line extensions offering a wide range of durability, applications, and price points.  These anti-fog coatings transform the stability and appearance of ophthalmic and protective eyewear, face masks, shields, as well as interior headlamps and gauges for automotive and transit applications.

“In our continued commitment to offer enhanced value, innovative premium anti-fog coatings, we have added a new level of coating performance to our existing optically clear and highly durable Visgard anti-fog product suite. Visgard Premium SE is water washable, with a smooth easy-clean surface, and more efficient thermal cure process for higher product yields,” said Sapna Blackburn, Vice-President Technology for SDC Technologies and FSI Coating Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDC. Visgard Premium SE combines primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate substrates with single layer mirror coating capability for multi-use anti-fog properties, suitable for mid-range applications such as safety and disposable eyewear. The Visgard product suite leverages world-class anti-fog coating designed for industry-specific and cost-effective applications.

“The addition of Visgard Premium SE complements our comprehensive portfolio of innovative high-performance anti-fog coating solutions.  Coatings which serve the day-to-day needs of disposable eyewear to the most technically advanced and stringent eyewear durability required for military and space exploration to first emergency responders,” said Richard Chang, Chief Operating and Financial Officer for SDC Technologies and subsidiary FSI Coating Technologies.

VISGARD PREMIUM SE (Special Edition)

Optically clear and REACH compliant, Visgard Premium SE is compatible with single layer mirror coating treatments, while combining anti-fog performance with excellent abrasion. Visgard Premium SE features water sheeting anti-fog properties, primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate substrates and is compatible with LDPE, HDPE, and CPE packaging. Visgard Premium SE is ideally suited to RX prescription eyewear, the mass production of safety eyewear, face shields, protective goggles, and masks as well as instrument clusters, HUD (heads up displays), head and tail light lamps for automotive and transit applications.

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Visgard Premium SE Product Highlights

Visgard Premium SE Technical Data Sheet

Visgard anti-fog coatings are available globally direct from FSI Coating Technologies.  For more information please contact us at or call +1-949-540-1140.


FSI Coating Technologies (FSICT) based in Irvine, California, was founded in 1986. FSICT is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative commercial industrial coatings and film products. FSICT offers a wide variety of premium, high performance, anti-fog solutions, applications include medical, military, safety and sports eyewear, as well as industrial sheet and PET film for commercial freezer display doors. FSI Coating Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDC Technologies, Inc.

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