Vision-Ease Lens Introduces Thindex® 1.70 SRC®

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Vision-Ease Lens Introduces Thindex® 1.70 SRC® Coated SFSV and A SFSV lenses; Line expands to include compatibility for backside spin-coat processing

RAMSEY, Minn. (July 2, 2012) – In an expansion of its Thindex® line, Vision-Ease Lens today introduced new Thindex 1.70 SRC® Coated SFSV and A SFSV lenses. In addition to advantages over other high index materials, including comfort, higher ABBE value and durability, the coated lenses now provide convenience and compatibility for backside spin-coat processing.

Thindex 1.70 lenses provide a thin, light and durable option for those with mid to stronger prescriptions, giving patients more choice in frame options and a more visually appealing lens.

In addition to the 1.70 SRC® Coated SFSV and A SFSV lens options, Thindex lenses are also available as 1.70 Uncoated SFSV and A SFSV, Thindex 1.70 A FSVAR and Novella Thindex 1.70 Uncoated PAL.

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About Vision-Ease Lens

Headquartered in Ramsey, Minn., Vision-Ease Lens is a manufacturer of quality ophthalmic lenses including LifeRx® light-responsive lenses, Coppertone® polarized lenses, SunRxÒ polarized lenses, and IlluminaÒ progressive line-free lenses.  Vision-Ease Lens products are sold through independent opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as many retail chains and dispensing markets across the country.  For more information about Vision-Ease Lens and its products, visit