Vision Show Becomes My Vision Show – Announces Springboard Summit

After several successful showings, Vision Show has decided to return to its original title, My Vision Show, to help avoid being confused for another, non-virtual, event with a similar name. My Vision Show will run its winter showcase, named Springboard Summit, from Dec 4, 5, and 6, 2020. The theme has been designed specifically to help eye care and optical professionals decompress, shop, and prepare for a strong start for the new year.

Vision Show producers Charlene Nichols and Dr. Irina Yakubin share their behind the scenes preparation for My Vision Show.

“After reviewing many requests for new options which help a private practice to thrive outside of traditional lab and lens models, My Vision Show is focusing on a core theme: How to survive “out of the box.” We will focus on 3 profitable operating models which enable independent eyecare businesses to pivot and take complete control of their business.,” says Vision Show founder Charlene Nichols

For this showcase, My Vision Show will be partnering with an all-star advertising firm to help spread the word about the summit. What’s New: The show will feature several new participants including Coco Song, Dry Eye Doctor, and My Eye Care Team. The show will also feature an interprofessional summit of optical industry professionals including optometrists, opticians, marketers, and more. In addition to interprofessional discussions, participants will be able to enjoy mini-courses and tools to help jumpstart their own practices.

The show will also award a Product of the Year to a new, innovative product that has been released, or patented in 2020 as well as a Most Valuable Participant Award to one chosen eye care professional who is employed or owns an independent eye care or optical practice and who has consistently been engaged in prior shows.

In addition to new educational opportunities and practice vendors, The Springboard Summit will also allow individuals to squeeze in a bit of fun personal shopping while learning about profitable operating models and setting their practice up for success in 2021. Returning Favorites: While My Vision Show is expanding, it will also feature prior favorites including Le Kevin, ION Labs, and Optical Near Me.

Likewise, the show will also feature the Eyewear Artwalk. While Eyewear Artwalk has had several live exhibits in 2020, they have returned to My Vision Show for a virtual exhibit to make the show more accessible to individuals who are unable to travel due to COVID-19 concerns.

Returning exhibitor, Optical Near Me will partner with the newly formed My Eye Care Team to sponsor the show and award prizes. Get your ticket at and follow along on social media for the most up to date