Vision West Sponsors Dr. Aaron Lech Seminar


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We just received this press release from Vision West about a new seminar program they will be sponsoring. The topic is intriguing, as a way of competing in today’s marketplace. 

Vision West has a long tradition of supporting independent eye care providers with continuing education and staff training programs. In 2009 we are presenting a new COPE approved seminar, “Becoming a Medically Based Practice” by Dr. Aaron Lech, O.D., F.A.A.O.  

The seminar presents a step-by-step approach for independent optometrist to adopt “medical model” principles and become a medically-based optometric practice. Dr. Lech is a lecturer and consultant on medically-based optometric care, and an active member of the California Optometric Association committee on third party panel access.  Using his own strategies, over the past four years Dr. Lech has transformed his Roseville, CA practice from a traditional refractive-based optometric practice into a high-end medically-based office.  

Dr. Lech describes his presentation as a “road map” to empower doctors to transition to a medically-based practice. His lecture will include case presentations and demonstrate the potential for increased revenues by using the medical model.  Four broad areas will be discussed:  

  • Defining Who We Are: Primary Care Providers
  • Preparing for the Medical Model
  • Practicing the Medical Model
  • Embracing the Medical Model

 Each segment will explore in detail how to achieve optimum results for patient care and improve the practice revenues.  Topics covered will include:  

  • Responsibilities as the Primary Care Provider
  • Insurance carriers, credentialing & contracting
  • Creating billing systems, procedure codes
  • Preventive care & education
  • Case history & chart documentation
  • Insurance formularies, therapeutic drug inventory
  • Diagnostic testing protocol
  • The referral/consult network

 This informative COPE approved seminar will be presented four times in the spring of 2009:  


  • April 29: Emeryville, CA
  • April 30: Stockton, CA
  • May 6: Pasadena, CA
  • May 7: San Diego/Del Mar, CA  


Seating is limited and the seminars are open to Vision West members only.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can turbo-charge your practice in 2009! For complete details, and to reserve your space, please call a Vision West customer service specialist at 800.640.9485.