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VOA introduced SEASON 02: ORION, its highly awaited second collection, furthering the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the landscape of contemporary luxury eyewear.

In just two seasons, VOA Collective is quickly establishing itself as a brand unafraid to break the mold when it comes to uber-luxury eyewear. Having captured the attention of globally acclaimed artists such as J Balvin and Bad Bunny with its first collection, VOA returns with a second limited drop of avant-garde designs, this time in an expanded selection of colorways and reenergized silhouettes.

In its second collection, VOA taps into the timeless interplay between the cosmic mysteries of deep space and the spiritual-architectural wonders of humanity’s distant past. SEASON 02: ORION intricately intertwines the four stars of the Orion constellation with spiritual portals from ancient civilizations: Xian Pyramid in China, the Teoatiuhacán Pyramid in Mexico, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and Easter Island in Chile. Coordinates of these portals discreetly adorn each piece, drawing a subtle connective thread between these two fields of inspiration.


Offered in five inspired colorways that utterly remake each model anew, SEASON 02: ORION stands out as genuinely original with its unparalleled fusion of pigments, materials, textures, and forms – and defines its own aesthetic niche with an offering of classically informed yet unmistakably future-focussed silhouettes. VOA crafts each model in ORION as a wearable art object, and conceives of the complete set as a capsule art collection in and of itself: ALNILAM and ALNITAK exist as two instances of the perfect quadrilateral form and each embodies a singular take on the classic cat-eye silhouette, which is dismantled and modernized to guarantee a future-proof look.


MINTAKA is an evolved inversion of ALNILAM, which repositions the familiar slanted ORION front pieces to create a graduated sharpening of form, resulting in a daring architectural design. HEKA is arguably the collection’s shining star – named as it is after the blue supergiant of the ORION constellation – with a fundamentally unique articulation of discordant shape, producing a shocking harmony of form.

The campaign supporting VOA’s second collection of industry-redefining eyewear, a collaboration with Pablo Alfieri and the team at Playful Studio, is a vivid exploration of the profusion of potential futures captured in the brightness of tomorrow. Incorporating familiar themes of futurism, astronomy, and self-knowledge, the campaign presents poetic visual narratives of extra-terrestrial expansion, honoring the innate potency of the precious materials in each design and the exceptionalism of those who wear them.

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About VOA Collective

With its commitment to crafting designs of such scarcity and innovation as to render them wearable art objects, VOA Collective’s output is fuelled by a singular design philosophy. Positioning itself on a spectrum bridging the past and future, VOA finds inspiration in the celestial interplay between ancestral astrological wisdom and contemporary astronomical science. This guiding philosophy is reflected in a limited run of designs per drop, each unique synthesis of diverse aesthetic traditions, drawn from ancient civilizations and techno-futurism alike.

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