VOLTE FACE Paris Winter 2021

Appreciated for its timeless charm and its “classic offbeat” style, the VOLTE FACE brand embodies the unique touch of Parisian elegance, through refined, feminine, and very elaborate pieces. It has a unique know-how, inspired by the famous jewelry houses, up-grading simple shapes into exceptional frames.

If the collections bear witness to the spirit of the times and artistic trends such as Art Deco, which are still very present, they nevertheless remain very close to the founding requirements: jewel inspiration, chiseled acetates, detailed decorations, elaborate finishes, and sophisticated palettes. Its frames are fashioned from the finest materials, mixing exclusive colors and unexpected transparencies, precious color charts, textured effects, and refined details. The beauty of the harmonies, the richness of the style, and the materials combined with the sober elegance of the shapes give frames their unique strength and radiance. Combining discreet luxury and contemporary refinement, the brand has known how to invent its own chic, influenced by jewelry crafts, decorative arts, haute couture, and contemporary art.

Finding the rare and unique object that will inspire a decoration detail or a combination of colors is a permanent creative quest for Fanélie COLOMB, designer of the brand. Each frame is an intimate creation, thought to be worn as a unique and exceptional piece. Adorned with sophisticated materials, with small chic details or sublimated by bright palettes, the VOLTE FACE models showcase the “handmade” know-how of the French eyewear traditional craftsmanship.


The aesthetics of these two Titanium models are inspired by the golden lining observed in Art Deco, and in particular in Tableware. The style is structured around a bi-coloring and a shiny metal/color contrast that subtly captures the light and highlights the refined decorations achieved in delicate volumes. Fluid lines of extreme finesse, refined design and very bright colors give an astonishing modernity to these timeless shapes, easy to wear.



The luxury of details. These new assertive designs inspired by traditional techniques of fine jewelry deliver a beautiful Guilloché decoration in a modern and colorful metal/acetate composition. They highlight the richness of the materials giving the frames contemporary refinement and precious character. The style is carried by the contrast between the exclusive colors and the extremely detailed metal decoration highlighting delicate Art Deco patterns. The brand’s know-how is expressed in the subtle work of volumes and thicknesses achieved in meticulous technical assemblies and absolutely impeccable finishes.



These new models have been handmade in the most beautiful Italian manufactures. They are inspired by the iconic technical folds of couture pieces that made the reputation of Issey Miyake, remarkably interpreted by a work in volume of the acetate. The material is delicately sculpted using a sharp milling technique that gives the frames exceptional shine and reflections. The chiseled effects, the rhythms, the reliefs, and the plays of light come to structure the face and give character to the models. The refreshing aesthetics of the frames are carried by unique combinations of materials and multicolored ranges that give the line its modern spirit, between strength and balance. A line that reflects Parisian elegance and the expertise of the house.



The exceptional radiance of these large, modern shapes lies in the innovative combinations of exclusive Italian acetates, crafted with a concern for lighting, a search for light, and depth. The parabolic milling techniques used make it possible to obtain unexpected gradations, with high intensities of light and absolute colorful transparencies that catch the eye by showing their most beautiful reflections. The stylistic richness of materials and colors magnifies the silhouette and the pure elegance of the models. New eyewear styles that change the look and the attitude.

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