Von Miller Teams Up With GlassesUSA

Von Miller wearing Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com sunglasses

GlassesUSA.com, the leading online eyewear retailer in the United States, today announced the launch of the Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com eyewear collection, in collaboration with Super Bowl MVP and  Buffalo Bills Linebacker Von Miller, which will be available exclusively at leading online eyewear retailer GlassesUSA.com, part of the Own Your Vision brand campaign.

Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com

The Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com eyewear collection launches with a remarkable selection of 18 eyewear styles, each personally co-designed by Von Miller himself, solidifying himself as a glasses-wearing style icon and talented designer.

Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com

The first drop of this unique partnership, made of both prescription glasses and sunglasses, reflects Von’s vision of being bold and unique. The eyewear collection takes inspiration from Von’s personal heritage, roots, and his passion for the Wild West, and is embedded into the design in special features.

Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com

“It’s not just about wearing frames, frames are part of you and a part of your personality. Whenever you put on frames, you should feel a sense of coolness. Frames are the first thing that people see and the frames that we created are stylish and unique. When people see them for the first time, I really hope that they feel amazing. “ said Von Miller about his co-designed eyewear collection, exclusively available at GlassesUSA.com.

Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com


The first drop in the Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com eyewear collection is the perfect gift for the holiday season with an array of striking, high-fashion eyeglasses and sunglasses starting at $108, which includes prescription lenses and free shipping. Stay tuned for more phases in the campaign featuring brand new styles and colors launching in 2024.

Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com

“At GlassesUSA.com, we’re proud to announce a special eyewear collection that’s been a journey of passion and style, co-created with the one and only Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller. Our ‘Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com’ collection is more than eyewear; it’s the embodiment of shared values and our collective approach to life. Each piece in the collection resonates with the spirit of a champion that is Von and is designed for those who walk through life with confidence and authenticity. Get ready to explore a range of extraordinary eyewear that celebrates individuality and a love for the game, both on and off the field.” said Arie Tom, GlassesUSA.com’s CMO.

Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com

To discover more from the Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com eyewear collection, please visit: Von Miller x GlassesUSA.com | Exclusive Eyewear Collection.

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