Wacky Holidays For September 2012

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Getting ready for the last Quarter of 2012, the month of September has tons of weird holidays to get some fun events going to post on Facebook, Tweet about, have some engaging events to bring in patients. I have made some suggestions, but go for it and let us know what has worked for you or any ideas you may have.

Special Note: This in not a Wacky holiday 9/11, but certainly a day of remembrance. I would definitely not forget this date.

The weirdest thing about all these holidays is the amount of food celebrations, no wonder we are a fat society!

1 Emma M. Nutt Day, the first woman telephone operator

2 VJ Day – Surrender ceremony aboard the USS Missouri formally ends WWII

2 National Beheading Day

3 Labor Day First Monday of month

3 Skyscraper Day

4 Newspaper Carrier Day– These days are soon to be over.. can do a ‘Remember when day’ HaHa.

5 Be Late for Something Day

5 Cheese Pizza Day

Eye Hats! 1958 summer 7up advertisement.

6 Fight Procrastination Day

6 Read a Book Day– This is a great thing to put up on your blog, Facebook and focus on great books.

7 Neither Rain nor Snow Day

7 Google Commemoration Day

7 Grandma Moses Day

7 Salami Day

8 International Literacy Day

8 National Date Nut Bread Day – or December 22

8 Pardon Day

8 World Physical Therapy Day

9 Grandparent’s Day – first Sunday after Labor Day

9 National Pet Memorial Day -second Sunday in September

9 Hug Your Hound Day

9 Wonderful Weirdoes Day

9 Teddy Bear Day– Everybody brings in their favorite teddy bear and take pictures of them wearing glasses, can post on Facebook. Or they send in teddy bears wearing glasses. Have a Facebook contest.

10 Sewing Machine Day

10 Swap Ideas Day

10 World Suicide Prevention Day

10 National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

11 911 Remembrance 

11 Make Your Bed Day

11 No News is Good News Day

12 Chocolate Milk Shake Day

12 National Video Games Day – also see Video Games Day in July

13 Defy Superstition Day

13 Fortune Cookie Day

13 National Peanut Day

13 Positive Thinking Day

13 Uncle Sam Day – his image was first used in 1813

13 International Chocolate Day – You can visit our Pinterest Board on Chocolate for some delicious ideas.

14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day

15 Make a Hat Day– Could be a fun, decorate your hats with eyewear or eyeballs.. Visit our Pinterest Board; Eye Hat You for some ideas

15 Felt Hat Day – On this day, men traditionally put away their felt hats.

15 Big Whopper Liar Day 

15 Greenpeace Day

15 International Dot Day 

15 Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids– Have the local boys and girls club come in for eye exams or health tips. .

15 International Eat An Apple Day- Great for Facebook, health benefits of Applies

15 International Coastal Clean up Day- Sponsor an event or clean up team. Doesn’t have to be the breach, any waterline or even a neighborhood. Post on Facebook, Tweet it, you could provide T’s or reusable bags.

Canon U.S.A. employees volunteer their time in communities nationwide for conservation activities involving parks, beaches and nature preserves. Since 1996

15 Puppy mill Awareness Day – Post animals with eyeglasses.

16 Collect Rocks Day

16 Step Family Day www.celebratelove.com/stepfamilyday.htm

16 Mayflower Day

16 Mexican Independence Day

16 National Play Doh Day– Funny thing to do, make a bunch of eyeglasses out of Play Doh.. how cute

16 National Women’s Friendship Day – third Sunday in September; Hold a women’s networking event in your office.

16 Working Parents Day– This could be stay open an extra hour for working parents.

Play- Doh Eyeglasses. via Flickr

16 International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

17 National Apple Dumpling Day– Could have recipe contests, share your favorite apple dumpling, post it on Facebook.

17 Citizenship Day

17 Constitution Day

17 Rosh Hashanah

18 Air Force Birthday- Celebrate Air Force Vets..

18 National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day 

18 National Cheeseburger Day

18 World Water Monitoring Challenge

19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day

19  National Butterscotch Pudding Day

19 National Women Road Warrior Day- Another way to celebrate women who travel, including your sales reps.

20 National Punch Day

21 International Peace Day

21 Miniature Golf Day

21 POW/MIA Recognition Day – Third Friday of September

21 World Gratitude Day– This is a great way to thank your patients. Send them an email, a card, post on Facebook. We are grateful for your business…

22 Car Free Day– Walk, Drive, Bus, Bike, Skateboard to work and any other errands. Another way to communicate on Facebook or your blog, Tell your Car Free Day and do an article on the eye health benefits of walking.

22 R.E.A.D In America Day

22 Business Women’s Day

22 Elephant Appreciation Day

22 International Rabbit Day – Fourth Saturday in September

22 Oktoberfest, begins, date varies- Drink a lot of beer

23 Checkers Day

23 Dog in Politics Day– Which Dog?? OK, we won’t get political here.

24 National Cherries Jubilee Day

24 Family Day– A Day To Eat Dinner With Kids

24 National Punctuation Day

25 National Comic Book Day– put up your favorite comic book characters who wear eyeglasses. For a start check out Super Hero Eyewear.  and or Campy Cartoon Eyewear 

25 National Voter Registration Day

25 Yom Kippur

26 Johnny Appleseed Day

26 Shamu The Whale Day

27 Crush a Can Day

28 Ask a Stupid Question Day

28 Hug A Vegetarian Day 

28 National Good Neighbor Day – Always September 28, previously the 4th Sunday in month

28 Native American Day – fourth Friday of the month

28 National Walk To Work Day 

28 Save the Koala Day 

29 Confucius Day – Try your luck. Get a Fortune Cookie.

29 World Heart Day 

30 National Mud Pack Day