Watery Dry Eyes after Lasik Surgery

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Believe it or not, more than 50% of the watery eyes are from dry eyes.  Other causes include allergies and other eye conditions.

I am a chronic dry-eye sufferer who had LASIK surgery. I have the “Watery” type of Dry Eye where tears flow down my cheek constantly.

As I approached 40 I began to suffer from watering eyes.  I wore contact lenses since the 14, I could no longer tolerate the contact lenses and with the watery eyes, I couldn’t see or function normally throughout the day.

I investigated having Lasik surgery. Bercause of the severity of my prescription (11.5 in my left eye and 11.75 in my right eye) plus  large pupil dilation and a thin cornea, I was turned down by most of the eye surgeons in my area. Not willing to go back to glasses, I finally found a surgeon who gave me the option of “E-Lasik” surgery. (Remember, this was over 10 years ago, and Lasik surgery techniques have come a long way). It was much more complicated than normal lasik and the risk of even drier eyes was a possibility.

The surgery was very successful. I now have 20/50 vision, I can now function without glasses for the most part.  However, for the dry eyes: I used the drops recommended by the eye doctors, which did not help.  I still had watery eyes, extreme glare at night and sometimes eye pain in the morning.

I tried many drops and supplements from health food stores but nothing seemed to work. I searched until I found Theralife Eye on the internet. It has improved my night vision, my watery eyes and lessened the pain  in the morning. I started with 8 capsules per day and now maintain on 4 per day. I recently have added the Fish oil (1-2 per day) and have had even more relief.

I would highly recommend Theralife Eye  to manage chronic dry eye. I’m so glad that I found Theralife.

PB, Dayton OH

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