Website Wednesday – I Shall Call Him Squishy

Names matter. We spend countless hours debating what to call our children. What to call our businesses. What to call one another. In fact, having the right name can often be the difference between success and failure, whether in commerce or a relationship.

Having the right name is important on a website as well. What you call things matter. Take the term eyewear. We like to call what we sell eyewear. Consumers on the other hand by an over 2 to 1 margin call what we sell eyeglasses and not eyewear. We call non-prescription sunglasses plano. However, Plano to most everyone outside of optical is a city in Texas. When we call things by terms our customers and consumers don’t use, we lose out on a great number of customers by not appearing in their search terminology.

You might want to call a wall of sunglasses plano, but doing so on your website does nothing to enhance your business appearing in search results. You may want to call your frames eyewear, but again, you are doing business no favors by not appearing when a customer in your area is searching for what you sell.

By better understanding your customers and what your customers and potential customers are searching for, you are better able to call pages and items on your website by what your customers are looking for, helping you increase your sales.

One way to make sure you are using the terms people are searching is by using Google Trends. Google Trends is a free page where you can look up search terms and trending terms. Want to know what the next sunglasses people will be coming in asking for? Look it up on Google Trends. Want to know what terms are hot in your area? Look it up on Google Trends.

By making your website easier to search and easier to index with the right keywords and terms you are better able to appear higher up in search engines for what customers are looking for, prompting more people to click on your website hopefully generating more phone calls and more store visits.

Call him Squishy and he shall be yours, right?

image courtesy of Disney/Pixar pictures