Website Wednesday – I will Double Your Website HitsFor $500


What would it be worth to you for someone to double your website hits? You read correctly. No matter how big or small your website is. I will double the hits in the first month for only $500. I will triple it for $750. This is my typical reply when someone mentions how many hits they get to their website. I know some of you will complain I am being picky with semantics. OK. How do you feel when someone confuses optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist, and oncologist? How do you feel when someone says their last doctor told them they are presbyterian when then meant presbyopic? Or that their parent is a macular degenerate? The right term, the right phrase, means a lot.

When you speak with your web professional, the last term you want to use is something from the late ’90s like a hit. A hit on a website is the loading of one ingredient. When websites were primarily text along with no images or maybe one image on a page, measuring website hits was pretty easy. You could talk traffic pretty simply. Those days are a passe as a cell phone with no internet access. As I mentioned at the begging of this story, I could double or even triple your website hits in minutes. All I need is the login credentials to your website and about 15 minutes of time. I will add a dozen or so 1px by 1 px ingredients to your website that will not visibly alter the look of your website one bit, but will dramatically increase your website hits every time someone comes to your website. Who cares how many hits you get? It’s how many someones you get!

You want to measure your website by the number of visitors you get on a daily or weekly basis. You can even measure how many unique visitors your website receives too. This is a far more accurate measurement of how your website is working for you. Just as if you were to count how many people walk through your door and divide that by the number of sales you make every day, you would know how many more people would need to get through your doors to increase your business. The same goes for your website. If you can increase your visitors by 10% and the end results are a 3% increase in sales, you can then measure how much website marketing you want to do to increase sales.

It’s not rocket science. It’s website statistics.

Are you looking at your Google Analytics? You should. Are you looking at the analytics your website host provides? You should. If you don’t know how to read that information, learn. It’s not that hard. Like anything else in your business, you can’t change what you don’t know and don’t measure.


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