Websites We Like: Oakland Vision Center Optometry

One of the most painful things that are on many eyecare professionals TO DO list, is their websites. It is hours of work and rarely is one 100% happy with the results. One thing we suggest is bookmarking others websites that you like or may not like. This will help make the process of re-doing your website easier.

One website that we like is Oakland Vision Center Optometry for several reasons:

1.) Love the  tag line ‘We love eyes and we blog about it.’ One automatically feels like they love their jobs and consequently they will love you.

2.) They blog. The benefits of blogging are numerous, keeping patients updated, SEO, getting found and more. The blog is consistent, with one entry per month. 

3.) We like the fact they addressed buying glasses online: This is a proactive way to address a growing trend. Note there is a date on this post, so this is relatively new news.

4.) They promote shopping local.

5.) They have a sense of humor. Much of the tongue in cheek humor includes such images as monkeys on a couch (our staff) Eyewear collections with funny sayings

6.) The tone of the website and thus the company is fun, good products, very open and inviting and a destination, like HEY Lets go there!

7.) The website is fast and the layout is easy to navigate and read. Not too much text with lots of colorful images

Bottom line, if you are looking to update your website we recommend you look at this one and get some ideas.