Welcome To The Optical Journal

Twelve years ago Cathy Ives and Shirley Platzer-Stocks created The Optical Vision Site and Optical Vision Resources, the first stand-alone optical news sites. Over that time they wrote thousands of stories about the eyecare industry; its quirks, its people, its companies, its ups, and its downs. These two websites became industry standards for ECPs and consumers alike. In 2018, Daniel Feldman took over both websites and further solidified their standing in the internets. As of yesterday, The Optical Vision Site and Optical Vision Resources were the #1 and #3 most visited optical news websites in the world.

From being the first news site to use Facebook Live at a trade show to being the first optical news website to create a regular podcast, we want to continue to serve you our readers to bring you the optical news and insight that matters. With the optical year 2020 approaching we thought it a good time to look back at our first 12 years and ahead at where we want to be 12 years from now.

With that in mind, we have chosen to merge our two websites into one super-site and rebrand ourselves with a memorable new name and new website. Just as every eyecare practice and practitioner must continually improve to compete in our market, so too have we and will as move forward.

Welcome to The Optical Journal

The Optical Journal is “Optical News With Independent Views”.

We will continue to look for new and exciting stories to cover. We will continue to bring you the optical news you want and the optical stories you won’t find elsewhere. We plan on bringing more new and exciting things to our readers in the weeks, months and years ahead. We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Like any website, this site is far from being finished. We have a lot of tweaks to make to get it where we want it and where you do as well. Check back every day to see the changes we are making and feel free to suggest changes you want us to make. We are committed to serving you better. We invite you to subscribe to our daily email as well, where we share the news from our website directly to your inbox. It’s free and we never share your email address with anyone. You can unsubscribe anytime you want, though we hope you never will.

Thank you for a great 12 years and here’s to 12 more wonderful years!