Westgroupe Encapsulates Palm Springs Luxury in its 2024 FYSH Campaign

FYSH F-2114 Sunglasses

Step into the sun-soaked allure of FYSH Eyewear’s latest campaign and embark on a visual odyssey where vibrant hues meet luxury. Shot by renowned fashion photographer Yu Tsai, every photograph encapsulates the ethereal essence of a Palm Spring escape. Inspired by the glamour and charm of the 60s and 70s, the campaign unfolds as a mesmerizing journey into a vintage poolside oasis. In this ode to a bygone era, opulence meets nostalgia in a vibrant symphony of colors, where each frame transcends being a mere accessory. Exuding a fusion of refined elegance and carefree whimsy, the campaign is a testament to the chic and confident FYSH woman.

FYSH F-3739 & F-3729
F-3739 & F-3729

As captured by the Palm Springs ethos, the 2024 optical and sun collections make a bold statement, allowing the FYSH woman to embrace her unique style with confidence and flair. From vintage glamour to effortlessly chic classics, the collection showcases on-trend designs with meticulous detailing that embodies the core values of the FYSH brand.

FYSH F-3730 & F-3733
F-3730 & F-3733

About WestGroupe

Established in 1961, WestGroupe is family-operated with over 60 years of industry insight. Their mission is to provide unique and superior quality eyewear for the fashion-focused consumer. WestGroupe is driven by a commitment to excellent customer service and exceptional products.

WestGroupe is dedicated to defining future standards in the optical industry by developing, creating, and supporting innovative products and services that allow our customers to succeed. WestGroupe offers a premium selection of international brands in over 40 countries, including FYSH, KLiiK denmark, EVATIK, Superflex®, and OTP.

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