We’ve Got The GOOD’S

GOOD’S is a brand new eyewear company from Italy. “The right way to look at things”. In this sentence, there is all the philosophy of GOOD’S. That is, discovering the hidden nature of things and reveal it to those who can appreciate it.

The new brand was inspired by this idea: bring the value of the project and the inner elements to the surface, make them visible, to express a unique personality and aesthetics, not only functional. ‘Anima’ is the essence of the whole GOOD’S concept, the language of contemporary culture before being new brand of the made in Italy eyewear.

GOOD’S is born in Naples, a century-old cradle of the European culture, where history, art, and craftsmanship are combined in streets, quarters and architecture: microcosms crossed by different cultures that left their trace in an immense cultural heritage of international impact. GOOD’S takes its name from its founder, Piero Buono: who has a sound experience in the world of eyewear and a three-generation pedigree in the world of optics. Besides him, the founders of the brand are Walter Engle, the young soul of the company, new graduate in business economics, in charge of the digital development of the brand and Architect Francesco Maria Stazio, Creative Director.

The First Collection, The Architecture Collection

It’s a tribute to architecture, to which it is inspired, tracing its balance in shapes and materials. In the “A Collection”, Architecture can be found in the details, particularly in the cores of the temples, where diamond-tipped ashlars, Gibbs surround, and fluted pilasters are used as elements both structural and decorative. The metal element, enclosed in the temples, becomes distinctive and visible, thanks to the transparency of the acetates.

7 models of glasses, in six different color options, all inspired to the architecture of Naples, taking their names from 7 renowned architects who worked in the city of Parthenope between the end of the Sixteenth century and 2000: Antonio Niccolini, Cosimo Fanzago, Luigi Vanvitelli, Luigi Cosenza, Errico Alvino, Ferdinando Sanfelice, Giancarlo Alisio.

On the other hand, the seventh model introduces to the second collection, entitled “Book Collection”. This time inspired to the universe of books, it will be presented to the market in September 2020.

In the first collection, there are 3 variations of the cores, architectural quotations of 3 churches: the Gibbs surround of the door of San Gregorio Armeno church, the diamond-tipped ashlars of the façade of Gesù Nuovo church and the fluted pilasters of the Charterhouse Church of San Martino.

From the passionate study of the history of art, a collection of glasses is born, unique, in limited edition, produced with a precious craftsmanship, entirely produced in Italy. 90 pieces for each color – just like the numbers of the Neapolitan lottery “la smorfia” – marked inside every frame.

A pair of GOOD’S glasses is an exquisite artifact, conveying passion and craft, as elegant as the Neapolitan style can be.

Ecofriendly Materials

The choice of materials is a relevant issue of the project, distinguished by a sustainable behavior, applying a precise protocol in terms of chain and use of the resources. The frames are realized in M49 bio-acetate by Mazzucchelli, 100% recyclable, and 100% biodegradable, without chemical agglomerates to avoid allergic reactions. GOOD’S exclusive glass cases are made of eco-leather and realized by Gatto Astucci, a historic craft firm. All printed documents are in NCF materials.

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