What Are You Doing For Your 81%

What do you do before you make a big purchase?

Do you just hop in the car and drive down to the nearest automotive dealer to purchase whatever he or she has on the lot at whatever price they are asking?

Do you call your favorite airline and say I want to travel to Vision Expo East In New York City next March, book my tickets for XYZ dates?

Do you walk into your local electronics store and point at the biggest TV and just say “I’ll take it”?

I doubt any of us do any of that. You, like me, like 81% of all consumers start our large purchases with an online search. We Google it. As Andrew Yang pointed out in a recent Democratic debate we don’t BING anything. Google has 90.1% market share of all searches, so we Google things. We google places. We Google experiences.  We Google prices. We want to know what we should buy. We want to know what we should do. We want to know where we should go. We want to know what we should pay.

Some of us want the best price, but not all of us. Some of us want the best product, but not all of us. Some of us want the most convenient thing, but not all of us. What almost all of us want is an affirmation that whatever we are looking for is the right choice, for us.

That begs the questions what are you doing for your patients and customers? What is it they are searching for? Price? Convenience? Selection? Expertise? What are you giving them? Are you answering your questions? Or theirs?

What does your website say about you? About your practice or your store? Are you just doing what everyone else has done or are you answering the actual questions people call and ask you or come in your store and ask you? Price is not the be all end all. It is for some, but certainly not for all. Some people know the exact model of sunglass they want. Or eyeglass frame because they saw it on their favorite celebrity. Some people want their eyes examined from the best eye doctor in the area, period. Is that you? How would they know?

Your website is the concierge of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can have the prettiest pictures imaginable on your website. You can have an entire listing of every brand and every model eyeglasses, sunglass, optical lens, and line of contact lenses you sell. You have a list of every optical medical condition you are equipped to handle. If none of these answers the questions your current patients and customers are asking, how will it answer the questions the 81% of potential new patients and consumers will ask or want to ask if your website isn’t chasing them away.

Take a long hard look at your website and see if you are answering the questions your patients and customers are asking instead of the questions you thought up and have wonderful answers already for.