What Color Is Your Website?

I hate, hate, hate black background websites and I can predict 100%, that the person who designed or OK’d the website was a man. I hate them because they are difficult to read and in fact, will not read them. When you think about it, what does black mean? If you are exploring streets at night, would you rather walk down a brightly lit street or a dark street? What you have to look at is that each website is a new place to explore and to discover. That said how explorable is your website?

To be honest, our sites are not perfect either which is one of the reasons we are writing this post. We all judge websites, good or bad but the first thing you see and it hits you is the color.

Eye Bogglers

  • 93% of consumers rank visual appearance above all when shoppping—including texture, sound, and smell.
  • 85% of shoppers think color is the main reason when making a purchase decision
  • 80% of brand recognition is by color.

Seven Things To Consider In Website Color Consideration

  1. Are the the colors you use in your website reflected in your office? Do they match your business?
  2. What will be the three main colors throughout the website?
  3. How does the colors affect brand building?
  4. How does the color fit with your demographics? Men vs women, old vs young, ethnicity,
  5. What contrasting colors will you be using that also build your brand?
  6. How readable are the colors? The best color text is black on a white background or a dark grey. The color should be designed around the text.
  7. What color psychology are  you going to use in your website? Different color affect different moods and even purchasing behavior.

Website are one if not your top referral business. It is your online portal and just as important as the product and the merchandising in your office. It should bring you in business and as well as sell product.

Our tip is to sit down with staff and gather honest opinions on your website. You could even do a survey with your patients to see what they say and based upon feedback and your web-designer, come up with a new look for a new rebranding if needed.

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