What Is Compensated Free Form Lens Design?

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If you’ve have ever wondered what a compensated free-form lens design is and why the lens returned from the optical lab does not match the lens prescribed. Here’s your answer. It boils down the differences between the position of the lens in the wearer’s eyeglass frame and the lens in the phoropter or instrument used to determine the initial prescription. Watch to learn more. If you have any questions or liked this video, please let https://opticianworks.laramyk.com/ know.

When a lens is placed in front of the eye at varying angles and distances, the power of that lens perceived by the wearer also changes. When inserted into a pair of glasses, a lens does not sit immediately and squarely in front of the eye as the lens does in a phoropter when it is used to initially determine the prescription. There are changes in vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and face form or wrap angle. A compensated lens uses computer and digital lens surfacing technology to take into account these differences and calculate the exact lens power to the .001 of a diopter that will give the wearer a perceived lens power that matches the power in the prescription. This is why when an optician orders a compensated freeform lens design the power of the lens returned from the optical lab does not exactly match the power of the prescription.

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