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ClearVision Optical surveyed over 450 eye care professionals to determine what men are looking for in their eyewear in order to help the industry better serve male patients. They have released the results in a white paper titled “The Hidden Factors Driving Male Eyewear Purchases.”

ClearVision asks ‘What do men want?’

ClearVision’s goal in publishing the white paper is to help eye care professionals succeed by identifying essential factors in eyewear purchasing decisions. ClearVision believes a better understanding of these factors can assist ECPs in fulfilling their commitments to patients with frames that are durable, stylish, and functional.

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“The stereotype is that men don’t care about shopping or fashion,” said Cathy Kaye, Head of Product Design and Development at ClearVision. “However, this stereotype does not help ECPs meet the needs of their patients. We surveyed over 450 ECPs to reach a consensus on what male patients are seeking in their eyewear to better serve our customers and assist the eye care community in providing better care to its patients.”

For male patients, comfort is key

According to the survey, male patients prioritize comfort over anything else when shopping for eyewear, with 75% choosing comfort as the top factor influencing their buying decisions. However, comfort can mean different things to different people. Fit was the second most popular response to the same question, with 55% of respondents selecting it as a top factor in eyewear purchases.

ClearVision Optical Men's Survey Results Graphic

Additionally, the survey suggests that the men’s eyewear currently available on the market may not meet these needs. In fact, 49.3% of ECPs selected larger sizes as the biggest need in men’s eyewear, and 36.3% chose lighter frames.

“Men want lighter and larger eyewear,” Kaye said. “However, half of ECPs believe there’s still a need for more frames in larger sizes and more made with lighter materials.”

The other factors when men buy frames

The data says men desire frames that are comfortable and fit their faces, but ECPs inform us that other factors also impact male purchasing decisions.

ClearVision Optical Men's Survey Results Graphic

One critical aspect for ECPs to keep in mind is accounting for significant others and their opinions—the third most-selected factor influencing men’s buying decisions at 39%. Close behind that was the price point at 35%. There was a steep decline from the price point to the next most popular factors, such as brand name (18%), dispenser’s opinion (17%), and technical features (12%).

The full results of the survey are available for download here: https://bit.ly/3KHWre4

ClearVision Optical Men's Survey Results Graphic

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