What Titans Are Made Of


Premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette took inspiration from the clear visual language of contemporary architecture when designing its new Titan Dynamics Contour collection. The result is a modern, minimalistic look in a timeless, sporty style, combined with ultralight comfort and one-of-a-kind quality.

Titan Dynamics Contour by Silhouette

Silhouette’s signature design features occur throughout the new models with their fluid lines and seamless transitions. True to form for Silhouette, the rimless unisex models feature an integrated screwless hinge. To guarantee optimal comfort, the frames can be precisely adjusted to fit the wearer thanks to their flexible, trimmable temples. Combined with the dynamic, sporty design and sophisticated two-tone frames, the Titan Dynamics Contour collection offers versatile styles to match any personality.

Titan Dynamics Contour by Silhouette

The models are available in 8 different shapes, ranging from classic to sporty to contemporary. The Titan Dynamics Contour collection also offers a choice of 8 different colors, ranging from Taupe, and Cassis Sundown, to Navy Blue, Pure Black, Simply Brown and beyond.

Titan Dynamics Contour by Silhouette


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